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Medical Device/System Service Design

True Process is ready to assist you with system deployment, support, and service design

For medical device and system manufacturers, product deployment and integration into the healthcare setting is often the most critical touchpoint with their customers. That is why it is crucial for companies to focus on delivering the best possible experience for their customers during this period. Companies that invest in developing a comprehensive program design package for their medical product can greatly increase their competitive advantage.

True Process specializes in working with healthcare manufacturers helping them to shorten timelines, reduce costs, and elevate their customer service scores by developing tailored programs that plan for all aspects of device deployment, service, and support. In the end, customers end up with a blueprint for success – an ISO certified, repeatable process that is tailored to their unique needs.


As soon as our engagement begins, we’ll start an analysis phase to understand your business needs and define a set of program requirements. We’ll collaborate closely with the necessary individuals within your organization to set objectives that will define a successful implementation program.


We’ll take program objectives and begin to design service process maps, define procedures, and identify needed tools, roles, and personnel. We’ll iterate through the design until we have a fully-defined and documented program design.

Test & Validate

Finally, we’ll validate the plans using real-world scenarios and production-ready equipment within simulated customer environments. Due diligence in this phase provides assurances that plans are free from defect and suitable for real-world use.


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