Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Gaining Traction

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Gaining Traction

AIMED 2017 is just around the corner and we are excited to be presenting at the premier conference for medical artificial intelligence. More than that, we are excited to learn about what others are doing — the conference concentrates the best research and development in a field that is quickly establishing an important presence in our biomedical world. (See the list of accepted abstracts here.)

In the past couple of weeks, we have noticed an uptick in articles that involve medical AI or machine learning. We’ve gathered a few of them up for you here:

The Doctor in the Machine: How AI Is Saving Lives in Healthcare
Here is a great overview piece on the current and future impact of artificial intelligence in medicine.

Apple Launches Study to Identify Irregular Heart Rhythms
Apple, in conjunction with Standford Medicine, launched a study to identify irregular heart rhythms via their Apple Watch. While the watch does the data collection via sensors located on the watch, we can be reasonably certain that the magic of this study involves algorithmic signal processing.

FDA clears first EKG reader for Apple Watch
In a related story, the FDA clears the first EKG reader accessory for the Apple Watch. The accessory, officially categorized as a medical device, is the first for the Apple Watch. Again, machine learning algorithms power the detection of abnormal heart rhythm and atrial fibrillation.

AI announcements rule the day at RSNA; See what you may have missed
Joe McCullagh was down at RSNA last week and brought back news of the AI buzz at RSNA. Check out the companies that have announced interesting new AI-enabled products that promise to improve data processing and provide advanced analytics.

Drug Discovery AI to Scour a Universe of Molecules for Wonder Drugs
It would be hard to find a better task for AI than sorting through the 1060 possible organic molecules with drug-like properties in our universe for use in medical therapy.