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Biomed Device Data Shouldn't Be Difficult to Capture

Biomed Device Data Shouldn’t Be Difficult to Capture

In our hyper-connected world, many of us take for granted that our consumer devices talk to each other fairly easily. We expect that our music is streamed seamlessly to our car speakers or our phone cameras automatically upload our photos to the cloud. You might expect the same from healthcare technology, but you would be wrong. Medical devices have long lagged behind other industries in their ability to communicate and share data easily.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We strongly believe that biomedical device data shouldn’t be difficult to capture, a sentiment that is strongly shared by our partner Etiometry, as evidenced by their latest blog entry.

While the current wave of healthcare analytics solutions has focused on popululation health, powered by information that can be easily queried from EMRs, the next wave of precision medicine will need to act on real-time, high-resolution biomedical device data. Etiometry is one of a handful of pioneering companies that is providing analysis and visualization of this valuable data.

Head over to the Etiometry Website to learn why Biomed Device Data Shouldn’t Be Difficult to Capture.



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