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Differentiate Your Medical Device Product with Data Connectivity

Medical Device Product Managers – Differentiate Your Medical Device with Data Connectivity

Without a doubt, we are living in an era where connectivity is changing everything. We can see the advantages of seamless connectivity between our consumer devices, automobiles, smartphones, and the internet of things. However, healthcare technology is still playing catch-up […]

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The State of Medical Device Connectivity Standards in 2017

The State of Medical Device Connectivity Standards in 2017: A look at IHE PCD & FHIR

Medical device and software entrepreneurs just entering the market might understandably be confused looking at the state of medical device connectivity standards that exist today. One might assume there exists a gold standard for messaging that is ushering in a […]

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High-Resolution Physiological Data Acquisition for Healthcare Research and Analytics Poster

High-Resolution Physiological Data Acquisition for Healthcare Research and Analytics

One of healthcare’s most innovative conferences is just around the corner. True Process will again be attending AIMed (Artifical Intelligence in Medicine) this December in sunny southern California. At last year’s AIMed, ViNES Product Manager Joe McCullagh presented an ePoster […]

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare

The Amazing Ways How Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Is Used In Healthcare

Last week, Forbes Magazine published an article that gives a brief, but informative overview of the ways that artificial intelligence and machine learning are predicted to impact healthcare. Given that machine learning algorithms are especially adept at crunching huge amounts […]

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What's Stopping Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare?

What’s Blocking Real-Time Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning in Healthcare?

Artifical intelligence is going to revolutionize healthcare, right? We’ve all heard the promises of faster, more accurate, and personalized medical treatment facilitated by incredible computing power and machine learning, yet when walking through North American hospitals, this future seems unlikely […]

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The Value of Medical Device Connectivity

The Value of Medical Device Connectivity: Sitting Down with Doug Frede

Doug Frede is the President and co-owner of True Process. A business leader, software engineer, and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience building businesses, exploring strategies, and implementing connected healthcare systems, Doug is passionate about using technology and connectivity […]

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Medical Device Cybersecurity

Why Cybersecurity Must be Part of Medical Device Architecture

In an article that appears in MDDI online, Mickey Garcia makes the argument that cybersecurity must be a foundational part of medical device architecture. We couldn’t agree more. The industry is currently coping with problems caused by lax standards of […]

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Connectivity Corner with Joe McCullagh

Connectivity Corner Book Recommendations: mIoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning

The next great revolution in healthcare will be borne from the technology that connects our currently disparate medical systems and allows the rapid analysis of the vast amount of untapped data locked in these systems. Predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and […]

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