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cHIT-Chat: A Look at the Past Year

After joining the team at True Process last April, I thought, “Wow. There’s so much I don’t know about the Health IT space.” A year later I can say, “Wow. There’s so much I don’t know about the Health IT space.”

I used to think that calling a field of work “space” was just a buzzword that would eventually lose its luster. But where Health IT is concerned, it’s definitely a space: noun, “the unlimited or expanse in which all objects are located and all events occur.” Yes! That’s it. The Health IT field is huge. It involves industries like medical device manufacturers and covers facilities like research hospitals. It’s a general term that covers a vast amount of objects, locations, events, and people. So what can I say after a year? I can say I’ve learned a lot, but have truly just scratched the surface.

Here are three stand-out topics we’ve visited in the last year:


Technology is such an enormous part of healthcare today that it only makes sense topics like security and cyber security are soon to follow, especially when it comes to medical devices. Check out our Cybersecurity post from September: Why Cybersecurity Must be Part of Medical Device Architecture.


When it comes to medical devices, taking all of the information they collect and manipulating the data, looking for patterns to make predictions and demonstrating trends is vital to improving healthcare. In this post from March, we take a look at some observations about its growth and importance to the HIT space: The Growth of Predictive Analytics.


What is Blockchain? How does it fit in the HIT space? We’ve spent some time on this topic, most recently how it is impacting healthcare: How Blockchain Is Impacting Healthcare Today.

There have been many articles, posts, and papers published in the past year on various HIT topics. It gives someone new to HIT like me access to learn and grow. It fosters an environment of discussions, provides for excellent networking events, and introduces all of us to something new, regardless of our roles. It’s also a great reminder that while I feel I’ve learned so much in the last year, I still have a lot more to go. As the HIT space evolves and grows, I do too.

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