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Researcher's Guide to Medical Device Data Capture E-Book

True Process is happy to announce the availability of our latest e-book: The Researcher’s Guide to Medical Device Data Capture: Your Primer on How to Capture High-Resolution Device Data for Research, Discovery, & Analysis.

We firmly believe that the planet is on the cusp of a revolution in healthcare, one that is driven by data. While the world of healthcare analytics has been largely focused on population health, we think significant advances are coming to individual patients. Driven by big data and the application of analytics, precision medicine will have a tremendous impact on healthcare in the coming decades.

Without a doubt, data from medical devices is devilishly difficult to obtain. Our new e-book is for researchers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. In this e-book, we will cover the current state of medical device connectivity and provide an overview of how you can capture and harness this information; our focus will be on real-time, high-resolution data.

In this free e-book, you’ll learn:

  • how medical device data capture works in real clinical environments
  • the software tools you will need to capture this data
  • how to overcome potential roadblocks on the path to success

We invite you to download this helpful guide and let us know what you think!