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Healthcare Professionals: How Do You Network?

Health IT Professionals: How Do You Network?

Four personality types you may encounter at your next Health IT conference.

When it comes to networking at conferences and professional events, no two people network the same way. How many different articles and blog posts have you read for advice on networking?  On interacting with these different personalities, and using it to your advantage? In the Health IT space specifically, navigating these conferences and building your professional network is paramount to your success.  Paying attention to subtle hints/cues? (verbal and nonverbal) are key.

Here are the four most common personalities you may encounter at your next Health IT conference:

1.) The Loner

Not one for eye contact and long conversations, this personality will be the toughest.  Don’t be offended if they begin to fidget or their eyes begin to wander around the room.  Trust me, it’s not you.  Make sure to make them feel welcome, and that your interest is genuine.

2.) The Socializer

This personality wants to meet as many people as they can. They’re typically better with names and faces, and may be more focused on the social aspect rather than networking. Sidenote: This could be a good balance to our #3 personality.

3.) The Hummingbird

Those that fit this personality may not have mastered the art of networking just yet, but are trying really hard. They’re quick to hand out as many business cards as possible, but don’t invest a lot of time in getting to know anyone.

4.) The Master “Meeter”

This personality is the best of all worlds. They’ve done their research, made a list of attendees and people to meet, and are quick to help others connect. These personalities know that helping others network ultimately helps positively network themselves too.

Do you fit into one of these personality types when you network? If not, take some time to self-reflect and figure out your networking strengths. Maximize those strengths and seek others who compliment your networking style and personality. There’s value in self-assessment, and it can propel you to the “Master Meeter” level by the time your next networking opportunity rolls around.