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Leah Amich - Healthcare Marketing Assistant

Healthcare IT Marketing Assistant

A Day In The Life Of… Me.


Hi! I’m Leah Amich, Marketing Assistant at True Process. You may recognize my name from previous blog posts or our “Day In The Life” series, where I interviewed and highlighted multiple different roles on our team. Today I’m highlighting my role as the marketing assistant/intern at True Process.

I’ve been with True Process for a little under three years, and the beauty of interning for a smaller company such as True Process is that I’m given more responsibilities and learning opportunities than one might get working for a huge corporation. Interns often get lost in the hustle and bustle of a big company. However, at True Process I am not treated like an “intern”, but a key part of the team. As the youngest person in the office, with no healthcare IT experience—you might be wondering, what does someone like me bring to this team?

When I first started at True Process, the marketing team was non-existent. It has been an amazing experience to not only witness, but contribute to the growth and evolution of the True Process Marketing Team. At the core of my role is growth. Being so young and new to the industry has its pros and cons. I used to think that healthcare only consisted of doctors and nurses. Throughout my time at True Process, I’ve learned the in’s and out’s of the work we do and the complex health IT space that we are in. Gaining this wealth of knowledge has given me the ability to contribute more and more to this team. From collecting key marketing research to inbound marketing, writing, editing, and executing content, the lengths that my role has grown within the past couple of years, makes me more than just an “intern.” Not only am I a pair of fresh eyes and outside of the box thinking, I am often able to see areas that we are overlooking, and fill those gaps. For example, True Process generates informative and helpful content about the HIT space—but if no one sees that content, it’s a waste of time, energy, and knowledge. That’s where social media comes into play. I was able to recognize the importance of social media and help True Process harness the power of social media in our marketing strategy.

A typical day in my role consists of managing all company social media, curating content, ideation and execution of our marketing strategy, and overall, doing whatever needs to be done to contribute to the growth of True Process. Some days I’m a jack of all trades, supporting my team members in their work, assisting HR with internal activities, attending networking events, and promoting True Process both internally and externally. Three years ago I didn’t know that the healthcare IT industry existed…although I started with no experience, I’ve been able to learn, contribute, and most importantly grow with this team. #TrueTeam