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Blockchain Impact on Healthcare

How Blockchain Is Impacting Healthcare Today

A few months ago, we published a free e-book entitled “The Health Professional’s Guide to Blockchain.” This book was the written in response to the blockchain “tipping point” we observed in 2017 as a torrent of articles and white papers were heralding the miracles of distributed ledger systems. One of the articles from last year that helped shape our views on blockchain was Forbes magazine’s “This Is Why Blockchains Will Transform Healthcare.”

This week, Forbes magazine has published an insightful follow-up. In this new article, “How Blockchain Is Impacting Healthcare and Life Sciences Today,” author Randy Bean reassesses the state of blockchain technology in light of rapid advances made in the past 6-12 months. Of particular interest is his examination of where blockchain is having a true impact today, not 5-10 years into the future.

Bean acknowledges that blockchain technology is often unrealistically heralded as a panacea for healthcare’s data woes. Instead of examining “techno-utopian fantasy” solution concepts, he is focused on “compelling near-term use cases.”

The article is a good read and highly recommended.

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