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Medical Device Integration (MDI) & Connectivity

Extensive experience and in-house connectivity tools makes the difference

In the last decade, hospitals have finally begun to capitalize on the benefits of integrating medical device data directly to the electronic medical record.

True Process has led the way, performing some of the first clinical infusion pump integrations in the nation. What started as simple charting projects have grown into complete auto-documentation and auto-programming initiatives for dozens of hospitals using a variety of EMR systems.

Let True Process help you design and execute your medical device integration strategy. We have extensive experience dealing with EMR vendors, middleware products, and many different modalities of devices. Additionally, we produce a next-generation medical device integration platform called ViNES®. Our integration engineers have an unmatched deep, technical understanding of device measurements, messaging, and protocols.

We’ll make sure you meet your interoperability goals while we provide best-of-class customer care.

Integration Diagram


Contact us for more information about our medical integration services for healthcare device and system manufacturers.

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