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Software Engineering – Case Studies

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Medical device companies looking to outsource software development to an outside engineering firm can sometimes have a difficult time finding the right partner. The specialized demands of medical software development require a partner that has proven capabilities working in a highly regulated environment like healthcare.

True Process is adept at a wide-range of technologies associated with modern healthcare software development, including cloud computing, device messaging, clinical integration, and engineering HITRUST-compliant solutions. Review recent case studies below.

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Physiological Data Connectivity Bridge Prototype

Project Summary:

Our partner-client was looking for a qualified medical software engineering firm that could design and execute a proof-of-concept prototype for product viability analysis. While the client is global leader in healthcare, offering solutions and treatments for heart disease, along with monitoring solutions for critical care and surgery, they lacked the software engineering resources that could develop a high-performance connectivity proof-of-concept in a short timeframe.

True Process accepted the challenge. With only eight weeks to execute the project, True Process harnessed in-house connectivity technology and created a fully-functional prototype that facilitated the transmission of medical device data to a remote server. The prototype was designed, developed, and delivered within the tight time frame, allowing the software to be demonstrated successfully at an internal technical symposium.


Medical Device Integration Demonstrator Kits

Project Summary:

A global leader specializing in infusion therapy, vascular access, and vital care approached True Process looking for a method that would allow them to demonstrate how their medical devices integrate to other clinical systems, but without a cumbersome installation process. The solution needed to be used easily by sales staff and needed to operate independently of existing clinical servers.

True Process recommended creating a set of “demo kits” for their devices. These portable kits allow the sales team to demonstrate the connectivity and messaging integration features of their medical device with minimal effort. The company, for the first time, is able to provide compelling evidence of its devices’ innovative integration capabilities, greatly assisting the sales and marketing process.


Cloud-based Medical Device Connectivity Validator

Project Summary:

A recent project involved a client that is a medical device manufacturer that designs, builds, and sells patient monitoring systems for healthcare organizations. The company needed a partner skilled in medical device connectivity, software development, and cloud computing solutions in order to build an environment to enable their customers to perform connectivity testing for their deployed medical devices.

True Process developed a cloud-based test environment using Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud computing platform. The Mirth-based application allowed clients to validate their medical device connections prior to final implementation. True Process delivered the working system and allowed our client to streamline their device deployment processes while improving customer satisfaction.


A Medical Device Gateway

Project Summary:

A medical device manufacturer that specializes in infusion therapy devices approached us to design and engineer a best-of-class medical device gateway that would allow for complete device management, monitoring, reporting, library management, and message routing.

True Process helped design and build the product from scratch, managing all business analysis activities, prototyping, engineering, testing, and regulatory documentation preparation.s.


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