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Distributing documents within complex healthcare environments can be difficult. NetPrint helps solve print distribution issues for healthcare organization, allowing them to utilize a server-centric architecture to enable a variety of functions including printer hosting services, rules-based distribution to multiple endpoints, document translation, and guaranteed document delivery.

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By transitioning a server-centric architecture, you can transfer the printing burden from workstations to a single server set, leaving a single point for maintenance. A pair of NetPrint servers can support 140 printers, something that previously required 100 workstations.

& Legacy Support

NetPrint supports a wide range of inputs and allows for many different types of current and legacy protocols. In addition to Windows-based printing, NetPrint supports IP, IPX, SNA/HIS, and Appletalk.

Rules-Based Printing

NetPrint supports rules-based print distribution to multiple endpoints. More than that, it allows for the automated editing of documents to support font and image adjustments. Lost page protection assures that print jobs reach their intended destination.


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