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Our Team

Meet Our Crew!

At True Process, we know there is no asset more important than people. That is why we strive to create an environment that is staff-oriented. We hire smart, passionate, and fun people. Our work environment is laid-back and casual, providing a comfortable atmosphere to let our professionals perform and achieve.

Todd Dunsirn

True Process founder and CEO - Todd is our fearless leader.

Senior VP of Operations
Tony Klotz

Tony Klotz leads our operations with over 20 years in the utility, social service, and healthcare industries,

Chief Financial Officer
Tim Dunsirn

Tim has been with True Process since 2006 and serves as our Chief Financial Officer.

Vice President, Product & Customer Strategy
Anne Burroughs

Anne joined the True Process team in 2012 and serves as Vice President of Product & Customer Strategy.

Director of Human Resources
Vicki Beckman

Vicki has been with True Process since November of 2010 as our Director of HR.

Systems Architect
Chuck Downey

Chuck is True Process employee #4. Currently, he serves as our Systems Architect.

Software Engineer
Erik Johansson

Erik is a Software Engineer on the ViNES Team at True Process.

Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs
Steve Krueger

Steve is our Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs.

Product Manager
Joe McCullagh

Joe serves as our Product Manager for our ViNES platform.

Customer Engagement Manager
Christine Rowe

Christine provides key account and relationship management, in addition to leading project teams.

Quality Assurance Lead
Lavanya Elango

Lavanya has been with True Process since 2013 and serves as our Quality Assurance Lead and Scrum Master.

Marketing Assistant
Leah Amich

Leah has been with the team since 2015 as our Marketing Assistant.

Software Engineer
Jonathan Lachman

Jon, a software engineer, has been with True Process since 2012, working on both ViNES and VeriScan.

Software Engineer
Michael Adler

Husband, dad, software engineer, retired punk rock kid, internet debater.

Software Engineer
Jim Mallmann

Jim has been with True Process since 2014 and has worked as a Software and Web Application Developer for over 15 years.