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The Rise And Rise Of America’s Best-Kept Secret

“Milwaukee has transformed from dairy belt to rust belt to digital belt.”

This month the Huffington Post highlighted our home city of Milwaukee, WI. Named one of America’s most misunderstood cities in the past, today it is referred to as “America’s Best-Kept Secret”. We couldn’t agree more. Our Midwestern city is on the rise as a center for advanced manufacturing, in-demand skills, and thriving innovation in industries such as medical technology, research, and business. With the excitement and transformation that is Milwaukee, we couldn’t be more proud to call this city our home.

The HuffPost article lists five things you might not know about America’s best kept secret.

“From boom to rust and back to boom, Milwaukee is fueled by transforming industries that are retooling the city to compete on a global stage.”

One thing is for sure, Milwaukee won’t be America’s best kept secret for long.


Read the HuffPost article here!


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