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What's Stopping Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare?

What’s Blocking Real-Time Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning in Healthcare?

Artifical intelligence is going to revolutionize healthcare, right? We’ve all heard the promises of faster, more accurate, and personalized medical treatment facilitated by incredible computing power and machine learning, yet when walking through North American hospitals, this future seems unlikely […]

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Connectivity Corner with Joe McCullagh

Connectivity Corner Book Recommendations: mIoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning

The next great revolution in healthcare will be borne from the technology that connects our currently disparate medical systems and allows the rapid analysis of the vast amount of untapped data locked in these systems. Predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and […]

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Time's Up

Time’s Up! Why medical device manufacturers need to consider time synchronization and stamping now.

I’m frequently asked by new and prospective clients seeking to implement clinical data capture and analytic projects, “How can you ensure device data we want is time-stamped accurately?” and “How can you be sure data streaming from different biomedical devices […]

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