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Medical Device Accelerator

The Next Generation of Medical Devices Will Come From Accelerators

For decades, medical device innovation has largely been the purview of large, multi-national corporations. Of course, there is a reason for that—the burdensome expense of R&D, clinical trials, and regulatory compliance meant only deep-pocketed entities could afford to bankroll medical device innovation.

Times are changing.

The long-established tools of entrepreneurial communities, the incubator and the accelerator, have been catching on like wildfire in the healthcare industry. Healthcare providers and government organizations are taking their needs directly to innovators by funding healthcare-focused accelerators, incubators, and start-up competitions.

Powerful, portable computing is now ubiquitous as mobile computing has become firmly embedded in our culture. (Yes, there probably is an app for that.) With the FDA taking a slightly more relaxed view of healthcare apps and medical device data systems, medical device/software innovation is thriving in cities around the world.

In an article appearing in Medical Plastic News, Dave Gray argues that the next generation of medical device innovation will be not from monolithic corporations, but from entrepreneurial accelerators. Although this article focuses on the U.K. and their National Health Service, the same innovation can be found stateside.

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