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Office Candy Bowl: Friend or Foe?

The True Process Office Candy Bowl: Friend or Foe?

The mystical office candy bowl… some worship it, some frown upon it, True Process embraces it. Who doesn’t love a midday pick me up? We definitely do! The office candy bowl has long been a controversial component in many offices. From literal studies showing the negative effects on an individual’s diet and weight, to articles advising those to “beware” the office candy bowl, this spectacle opens an arena for debate. Friend or foe? At True Process, we feel there is more to candy than calories.

Everyone loves candy and those who claim they don’t, are just fooling themselves—but not us. There is a specific culture that comes with an office candy bowl. Food brings people together and an office candy bowl is a way to invite human interaction. Being a small company in a small office atmosphere, candy is a way to create comradeship, sociability, and togetherness with fellow coworkers. A sweet something now and then, especially at the office, can make or break your workday. Located in the heart of the office, our beloved candy bowl has a gravitational-like pull that brings people out of their workspaces and into a communal area for conversation, networking, or maybe just a short stretch and stroll around the office.

Currently, the True Process candy bowl holds an array of Smarties. From time to time, bets are placed in the office—loser fills the candy bowl. A little friendly competition and candy never hurt anyone. In fact, we believe that the office candy bowl adds to the culture here at True Process. The True Proces office candy bowl is not our foe, but our friend.