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Continuing into its 11th year, the Cleveland Clinic released their top 10 list of medical innovations that they predict will have a major impact on health and patient care in the upcoming year.

This year, #6 on the list, Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), specifically caught our attention—it’s a very promising standard we have been following for the past few years. Interoperability in healthcare allows different information technology systems and software applications to communicate, exchange, and utilize the information gathered from electronic health data.

“Digital interoperability is complex in healthcare, which must weigh privacy, security and accuracy concerns. But in-house systems have become so diverse and convoluted, it’s hard for different systems to communicate and nearly impossible for new software companies to penetrate the industry.”

True Process is an expert in medical device systems and connectivity. Our ViNES platform was specifically designed with interoperability in mind. The flexible framework captures data across various devices, storing and routing that data to multiple endpoints. We are committed to interoperability and we couldn’t be more excited for these game changers in 2017!


Read the Top 10 List from the Cleveland Clinic