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ViNEW Supports Draeger Patient Monitoring Devices

True Process Announces High-Speed Data Capture Solution for Dräger Patient Monitoring Devices

Milwaukee — June 7, 2018 — True Process, a leader in high-frequency biomedical data acquisition, announced the release of a high-speed data capture plug-in for its medical device integration and data capture platform product, ViNES®. The plug-in allows for real-time numeric and waveform data capture from an array of Dräger patient monitor devices used in hospitals and clinics.

“We’re excited to add this functionality and compatibility to ViNES, and even more excited to see how these data will be utilized,” said ViNES Product Manager Joe McCullagh.

ViNES is currently installed in major hospitals in the United States and Canada and supporting clinical initiatives to improve critical care monitoring, disease detection, and enable algorithm development. Focused on real-time, high-frequency medical data acquisition, ViNES supports data capture typically exceeding 3.7 GBs of data per patient per day and 1,400 data points per patient per second.

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Joe McCullagh, Product Manager – ViNES
Phone: 414-935-4055

About ViNES: ViNES is a software-based biomedical device integration and data capture platform built for the next-generation of analytics and machine learning systems. ViNES is focused on capturing, storing, and delivering high-resolution, high-fidelity patient data from medical devices. Using a flexible API architecture, ViNES enables access to data previously locked in the device. ViNES is used by researchers, healthcare providers, and medical device manufacturers to facilitate standards-based, vendor-neutral data exchange.

About True Process: True Process is an ISO 13485 certified healthcare IT firm focused on medical software engineering for connected medical devices. True Process offers a suite of solutions for a product’s complete lifecycle, including precision software engineering, solution prototyping, device connectivity, integration, and support. True Process is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


New E-Book Available: The Researcher’s Guide to Medical Device Data Capture