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What the Kringle!?

What the Kringle!?

So, what does kringle have to do with medical technology solutions? On the surface maybe not a lot, but as a company, we are focused on the customer. We go above and beyond to make sure our relationships are strong, built on a foundation of trust and honest conversations. And because we are a Wisconsin-based business, sometimes that means we’ll gather our teams, sit down with some kringle and coffee, and power through until we have a solution.

Still confused? Let me fill you in with a brief history of the “kringle”.

Originally a Danish pastry, the kringle was brought to Racine, Wisconsin by Danish immigrants in the 1900s. Today, the kringle is Wisconsin’s pride and joy, officially named the state pastry of Wisconsin. One does not visit Racine without indulging in this trademark oval-shaped pastry. Comprised of 32 layers of flaky, buttery dough, filled with a variety of fruits and nuts, baked until golden brown, and then iced to perfection, this delicious treat is a Wisconsin favorite.

Drooling yet? Besides being overall delicious, kringle represents True Process’ Midwestern values—we are friendly, passionate, and hard-working smart engineers, committed to turning your medical technology challenges into market opportunities. Schedule a meeting with True Process today and we’ll talk smart engineering solutions to your medical technology needs over a slice of kringle.

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