True Process Visits RSNA

True Process Visits RSNA 2017

Last week, we sent our Product Manager Joe McCullagh to spend a day at this year’s annual RSNA conference (Radiological Society of North America) in Chicago. With 54,000 registrants in 2017, RSNA is touted as the premier (and largest) educational and scientific conference in radiology. When Joe returned, I had a  few questions for him:

What’s your main takeaway from this year’s conference?
JM: There is a lot going on at RSNA, hundreds of vendors and presenters, tens of thousands of attendees, hundreds of thousands of square feet to cover, and everybody was more or less talking about the same thing, AI – Artificial Intelligence, specifically the different applications of AI in radiological science and AI’s impact on the radiology profession. But, that’s not my main take away from the conference – it is radiologists’ openness to technology adoption to improve patient care. Other professions might perceive AI as a threat, but I really get the sense that radiologists see it as an opportunity to enhance their specialty.

What’s the coolest technology you saw on display?
JM: Too much! I’m not sure I saw a tenth on this year’s displays, I was only there for a day…from what I saw: I liked Iradimed’s non-magnetic patient monitors and pumps, so the devices can go in the MRI room. There was an interesting startup I talked to, Forward Blockchain, that uses blockchain technology for tracking medical licenses — seems like a very logical application of blockchain in the near term, and I saw a company making MRI’s for animals. So, pretty varied, but interesting. GE Healthcare had one of the biggest booths and a great presentation about technology making radiology come full circle.

Anything missing or anything you would like to see more or less of in next year’s conference?
JM: I really couldn’t tell you, the conference is so big, I imagine every aspect of the field and technology is covered to a degree. My pro tip, for myself, would be to download the mobile app next year!

Are you attending any other conferences before the end of 2017?
JM: Yes! AIMed. It was one of my favorite conferences last year and I’ll actually be presenting an e-poster on some of the work in high-resolution data capture we’ve doing here at True Process.

Well, thank you, Joe! Before we end the Q&A, did you eat anywhere good in Chicago this trip?
JM: Yes! New Rebozo. Great Mexican restaurant with excellent mole — the chef/owner came out and made recommendations and brought spicy ice cream as a gift!


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