Is Your Usability Engineering File in Order?

Is Your Usability Engineering File in Order?

As a former medical device business analyst, and current editor of the True Process blog, I am always interested in articles that help companies achieve success in the medical device development process. In my job, I do a lot of research and I have been struck by the quality of information at Mindflow Design’s blog. In particular, I found their recent post on the Usability Engineering File interesting.

The Usability Engineering File is an FDA-required component of most 510(k) premarket notification filings. While it is a key component of the Design History File, its function is often relegated to a “check-off” task completed at the end of the project. Unfortunately, this defeats the intention of the requirement. Read Mindflow’s article for tips on using your Usability Engineering File as a tool to help your regulatory filing (and product) be successful!




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