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Over One Trillion Data Points Captured…

ViNES® technology is providing high-fidelity clinical data capture that is fueling the next generation of predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in healthcare.

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ViNES® – The medical device integration and data capture platform for researchers, analysts, and innovators

The future of healthcare is tied to digital data. The advent of algorithmic-based analytics systems has highlighted the need for reliable, real-time, high-frequency data streams from medical devices. Current medical device integration solutions that rely on periodic numeric samples are just not up to the job. That’s where ViNES comes in.

ViNES is a software-based medical device integration and data capture platform built for the next-generation of analytic and machine learning systems. ViNES is focused on capturing, storing, and delivering high-resolution, high-fidelity patient data from medical devices. Using a flexible API architecture, ViNES enables access to data previously locked in the device.

How is ViNES Different?

High-Resolution Data

While most systems specialize only in low-resolution numeric data capture, ViNES was built for high-fidelity data capture - this includes high-resolution data streams, waveforms, and image files. With its high-performance messaging core, ViNES is able to capture and distribute accurate, quality, high-resolution data that other systems cannot match.

Flexible Data Routing and Retrieval

Instead of being limited to passing data to a single source, you can define multiple endpoints for your data. No longer are you limited to passing your data only to the EMR, but it can feed analytic engines, clinical decision systems, and closed-loop medical systems, to name a few. Data can be routed in real-time or retrieved on-demand via an API call.

Vendor Neutrality

Not only can ViNES capture high-density data such as waveforms, but ViNES can store that data in a vendor-neutral, standards-based formats. Once stored, data can be output a number of flexible formats such as HL7, JSON, or XML.

ViNES News

Contact us for more information about ViNES, including: a case study, technical specs, and a device-compatibility list.

The Technical Advantages of ViNES

High-Speed Messaging Core

ViNES is built around a high-speed, high-performance messaging core that is specifically architected for the needs of clinically-deployed medical devices. We include support for high-frequency waveform data.

Data Warehousing & Retrieval

ViNES is not just a pass-through system. Device messaging can be warehoused and retrieved on demand using our flexible ViNES Query API. Alternatively, a subscription can be set up to output data in near-real time via web services to multiple endpoints.

Patient Binding, Built-In

ViNES provides native patient binding capabilities via the ViNES Clinician module.  Clinicians can manage device-to-patient associations by using an ADT feed and a barcode scanner.

Interoperable from Day One

All incoming messages are stored in a vendor-neutral format based on modality. That makes it easy to output data in standard formats (including HL7, IHE, XML, & JSON) that promote complete interoperability.

Scalable & Fault Tolerant

We’ve made it simple to scale ViNES. Our system can add nodes to increase system throughput or to increase fault tolerance for rock solid performance.

Smart, Usable User Interfaces

Our UI/UX is smart and modern, engineered for simplicity and usability. Even better, we’re built for internationalization – we can quickly localize the system for our international partners.

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