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ViNES® – the Innovative Medical Device Integration Solution from True Process

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ViNES is the software-based medical device integration (MDI) solution that works equally well with device/system manufacturers, healthcare facilities, and research initiatives alike. As a flexible, module-based system, ViNES can be configured for a variety of purposes – acting as a device gateway, data warehouse, and queriable clinical data repository. Our framework can allow you to store, query, and intelligently route high-frequency clinical data to multiple endpoints and systems.

Who Is ViNES For?

If your healthcare facility is struggling to capitalize on the value of your medical device/system data, you are not alone. For the most part, hospitals have been left to fend for themselves, forced to deploy a patchwork of solutions to allow them to move device data into the medical record – and once it’s there, that data is no longer easy to access. We can put data ownership back in your hands. Let us help you with your clinical data strategy!
From its inception, ViNES was designed to be a forward-leaning, interoperable gateway solution. Its core services make the ideal basis for a customized device connectivity and management platform. By leveraging the ViNES platform, you’ll save years of development and testing. Talk to us to find out how you can use ViNES to translate your ideas into market-ready products.
Researchers often face big hurdles when trying to capture clinical data from medical devices and systems. ViNES is ideally suited for the needs of clinical data acquisition and storage, with flexible licensing that makes financial sense. Got a tough challenge? Contact us and let’s discuss your needs.


Data is Captured and Stored

Instead of merely passing device data to a single source, you can store that data and route it as you see fit. For the first time, you can keep this valuable resource and make it available to multiple systems. Data can be output automatically or retrieved on-demand through an API.

High-Density Data is Stored in a Vendor-Neutral Format

Not only can ViNES capture high-density data, such as waveforms, but ViNES can store that data in a vendor-neutral, standards-based formats. Data can be output in useful formats such as HL7, JSON, or XML.

Ability to Route Data to Multiple Endpoints

Your data can be routed to the medical record, but can also be sent to a growing class of analytic, decision support, and data mining applications.

Better Design Means Better Technology

ViNES has been architected from the ground-up with flexibility in mind. The ViNES core services include a large range of useful features. There are modules that accept device connections, manage patient-to-device association, allow device administration, and define automated data output. With a high degree of configurability, ViNES can be adapted for use in a wide range of needs.

ViNES Diagram


High-Speed Messaging Core

ViNES is built around a high-speed, high-performance messaging core that is specifically architected for the needs of clinically-deployed medical devices. We include support for high-frequency waveform data.

Data Warehousing and Retrieval

ViNES is not just a pass-through system. Device messaging can be warehoused and retrieved on demand using our flexible ViNES Query API. Alternatively, a subscription can be set up to output data in near-real time via web services to multiple endpoints.

Patient Binding, Built-in

ViNES provides native patient binding capabilities via the ViNES Clinician module. By using an ADT feed and a barcode scanner, clinicians can manage device-to-patient associations.

Interoperable from Day One

All incoming messages are stored in a vendor-neutral format based on modality. That makes it easy to output data in standard formats (including HL7, IHE, XML, & JSON) that promote complete interoperability.

Scalable & Fault Tolerant

We’ve made it simple to scale ViNES. Our system can add nodes to increase system throughput or to increase fault tolerance for rock solid performance.

Smart, Usable Modern User Interfaces

Our UI/UX is smart and modern, engineered for simplicity and usability. Even better, we’re built for internationalization – we can quickly localize the system for our international partners.


Contact us for more information about ViNES and medical device connectivity and integration.

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