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Why Do We Sit Down When We Stand-up?

At True Process, we follow an Agile Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for medical software engineering. The Agile methodology is a flexible approach to software development projects—with the goal of being more efficient, faster, and able to handle ever-changing project requirements. One part of embracing Agile years ago meant that we introduced the daily Stand-up meeting to our development team.

In brief, the daily meeting rules are as follows: 

  • The meeting is quick, high-level, and is at the start of the day.
  • All members of the project team are present.
  • Each member of the team takes turns answering 3 questions:
    • What did you work on yesterday?
    • What will you be working on today?
    • Do you have any roadblocks?

The overall goal of these daily meetings is to gather as a project team, have quick conversations about our days, and tackle any issues that may affect the project.  We diligently started our daily Stand-up meetings, well, standing up…but somewhere along the way, we found ourselves sitting down. What gives?

Here’s our approach to the daily Stand-up meetings at True Process.

As a company, True Process lies in the midst of a highly innovative and disruptive space. We break traditional norms—introducing and implementing innovative cutting edge technology to the healthcare IT space. That being said, why not disrupt traditional Stand-up meetings by sitting down? Our company culture is guided by Our Core Values and – arguably the most important – is Communication. Software development projects will fail without daily communication, and our team has grown to prefer sitting down to do so.

As Stand-ups are held first thing in the morning, we found that sitting down allowed our team to communicate in a way that was not only comfortable, but effective. Who wants to stand up first thing in the morning? Not us! Sitting down with a nice cup of joe to start the work day promotes a sense of freedom, enabling us to successfully solve complex problems. Sitting down makes Stand-up more than just a laundry list of project tasks, but also, a time to foster personal relationships between team members. The rules for stand-up remain the same, and whether you are standing up, sitting down, inside or outside —the end result of daily Stand-up meeting is improved value and quality for our customers.

For now, we’ll remain sitting down, because it’s effective and suits our communication style. I embrace the personalization that we’ve done here at True Process for our Agile SDLC. Everyone has a slightly different version of the Stand-up…this is ours. I’d love to hear how you Stand-up!

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