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Women of Influence

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

This year, among the 200 nominations received, the Milwaukee Business Journal has recognized 29 highly influential and successful women to be recognized as a part of the Milwaukee Business Journal’s  2018 Women of Influence awards.

“These women are the cream of the crop of the area’s professional community. They’ve grown businesses, created products, inspired future generations and made the community a better place.” – Mark Kass, Milwaukee Business Journal Editor-In-Chief

Among the 29 winners, we personally draw inspiration from a woman who not only represents an influential woman in our community, but also in our Health IT space. Michelle Edler, Sr. VP – Imaging and Care Area Solutions at GE Healthcare was recognized for her leadership in motivating teams and innovating healthcare solutions in a constantly changing business environment.

Her work with GE’s X-ray technology improved from one of its least profitable to two consecutive years of increased profits. Edler says, “We can make a difference by understanding problems and thinking about how to leverage technology we’ve already built and transform the industry.” Congratulations to Michelle Edler of GE and the other amazing women receiving these awards. It’s an honor to have these influential women representing our state as well as the health IT industry!

As Milwaukee grows to a be an innovative hub in the state of Wisconsin, we couldn’t be more proud to call this city our home.

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